The most beautiful Romanian winter landscapes

I love the sun and the summer, so in winter time I would deifintelly prefer to hibernate… But I was not born in the right “shape” for that, therefore I must adapt.But when it comes to landscapes, I have to admit that winter can be one of the best outdoor designers! The 1st of December marks the National Day of Romania. So, I have selected (mostly from professional photographers) some of the most beautiful pictures and places in Romania, all “dressed” in white! I hope you will enjoy this selection and you will share it with your friends. 

Peleș Castle, Sinaia | photo by Adrian Dumitrescu

Tismana Monastery, Gorj | photo by

Bucovina | foto Sorin Onișor,

Bucovina | photo by Sorin Onișor,

Old Casino in Constanța | photo by Dan Cristian Mihăilescu

Wildcat in Maramureș Mountains | photo by Silviu Matei

”Memory from my subconsciousness”, Ciocănești Village, Dolj County | photo by Felicia Hodoroabă-Simion

Sibiu | foto: Video Center Sibiu

Sibiu | photo by Video Center Sibiu


Mocanița, Vișeul de Sus, Maramureș | foto:

Mocanița, Vișeul de Sus, Maramureș | photo by



Ieud, Maramureș | photo by Peter Lengyel www.



Rarău Mountains, | photo by Cătălin Dumitrescu



Moldova | photo by Sorin Onișor,



Red Lake, Harghita county | photo by Dragoș Asaftei



Siriu Dam, Buzău | photo by Ilona Adelaida Duță,


Corvini Castle, Hunedoara | photo by Cristian Coposesc


Sirna, Brașov county | photo by Petru Capotă



Bucovina | photo by Sorin Onișor,



Vrancei Mountains | photo by


Catelul Bran | foto: Mennowijnen

Bran Castle, Brașov county | photo by Mennowijnen


Târgu Jiu, Gorj county | photo by Ionel Scăunașu



Culture Palace, Iași | photo by Alexandru Drăgan


Timișoara | foto by Robert Szakál

Măgura, Brașov County | foto by Ana Georgescu



Pișoaia Waterfall, Alba county| photo by



Voroneț Monastery, Suceava County | photo by Eduard Armeanu,


Retezat Mountains | photo by Ana Georgescu



Danube in winter | photo by Cătălin Ioniță,


Oradea |foto: Dan Dragoș,

Oradea | photo by Dan Dragoș,


Palatul Cotroceni, Bucrești | foto:

Cotroceni Palace, Bucharest | photo by



Cluj | photo by Dan Bodea, Transilania Reporter


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