The seven wonders of Jordan

“You’d need six months to see all there is to see in Jordan” says Nasser Abu-Rezeq, our guide. To which he adds that he knows 100.000 places to see in his country.

A good business

Friendship without borders Peter Mangan used to have a country house in Kerry, Ireland, in the same town where his father lived. He moved away to study in Dublin so he thought about renting it out on Airbnb. His father, Owen, widowed and retired, was happy to manage the entire process. Soon, Peter noticed that,…

10 reasons to love Warsaw

I was in Warsaw for a conference organised by European Venture Philanthropy Association, but I had the inspiration to stay two days longer, as to feel the touristic perfume of Warsaw.

PLACINTA romaneasca

Top 7 best places to eat in Romania

 Whenever I plan a trip outside the city, I tend to frantically make a list of places I should go visit. You’d say all the guides and blogs in the world can make your life easier, but hey, I am not searching for castles and contemporary art museums. Those come in second, sorry history buffs!…

Roja Dove

Roja Dove | Why should we love perfumes?

He can recognize 800 pure ingredients, but more than that, he can even tell you and in what concentration they are used. He is one of the world’s great perfumers – and it seems there are fewer perfumers in the world than astronauts.

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