About me

  • La Balul Bucureștiului Interbelic 2017 | foto Miluta Flueras

In a few words I’m an old fashioned television journalist (currently at Digi24 Romania), a communication trainer, a TEDx speaker and a travel and lifestyle blogger. 
I’ve been working on television since I was 16, and I’m a passionate about what I do. I studied journalism, philosophy, public relations, but most of what I know I learned by working hard, searching and asking.

I love authentic and kind people. I still believe in common sense and humanity. The proof is my TEDx speech.

I write about people, places and stories that inspire us. About good manners and good facts, education and elegance, brigth ideeas and world’s wonderful places.

Most of all I like to travel and to share good stories. Soon, you will find here more english content. Meanwhile, you can contact me at, follow me Facebook or Instagram. [wdi_feed id = “1”]

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